About Us

About Us

Nowadays, the city of Oporto receives thousands of tourists per year, having become one of the most visited cities in Europe and a true "live museum". But when we visit a city we want to take full advantage without high expenses, but by staying in warm places and quality ... as our homes.

That’s why we created this concept of Low Cost Apartments, offering the same quality at a lower price. We can offer you various types of apartments, located in the main tourist sites in the city of Porto - Ribeira, Boavista and Oporto dowtown - and equipped with the utmost convenience and comfort. To make you feel at home while away from your country or your town.

These apartments are located in the most beautiful and touristic sites. These are strategic places to visit this lovely city where you can find monuments such as the iconic House of Music, the Tower of Clerics, the Serralves Museum, the Stock Exchange Palace and the Museum of Port Wine, among many others.

Besides the monuments, museums and other points of access, the city has more than 10 000 annual events, ranging from concerts, theaters, exhibitions or festivals with famous disc jockeys at several nightclubs and bars in the city.

Our proposal is for you to fully enjoy during your visit to the city of Oporto and for this we have created a helpline 24 hours for troubleshooting and for you to make your stay even more interesting. Just call, and we will help you to choose the best restaurant, concert, nightclub or museum ... and we may even make a reservation if you wish.

Without expenses and without leaving "home”.


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